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Radio Demographic Audience Profiling & Segmentation
Audience segmentation according to different demographic categories is an important element that can immensely help a company in drafting successful targeting & positioning strategies for different products & services of the companies in the market.

Listeners Panels
This kind of study involves a group of loyal radio listeners, which agree to participate in periodic studies for a specific amount of time. The study is being carried out in the form of a panel, which can generate trend data; additionally, this kind of study yields answers to questions related to the audience and programming policy and is generally used in carrying out added value studies for the advertisers.

Listenership & Positioning
These are studies of the target audiences, which involve questions related to the total listenership patterns of the audience, along with questions related to the respective competitive publications or media outlets. Additionally, qualitative perceptions of the audience are also studied through questions about believability, likeability, interest, etc.

Listeners Auditing
The audience is asked to assess a program or media outlet against the competition. These kind of studies may serve as diagnostic tools for the program directors in their attempts to improve the programming product.

Listener Satisfaction Studies
These are studies that are carried out periodically by media outlets, in order to objectively asses the level of programming content provided to the listeners, which will consequently lead to their improvement.