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Opinion Polling


The single core activity of Abacus focuses on collecting, processing & analyzing information about opinions, needs and wants of citizens, and understanding their attitude and behavior. A thorough and detailed analysis of even the slightest of differences in gauging respondents’ opinions facilitates depicting a clear picture of their needs, desires and motivations.

Quantitative Studies
Abacus provides all the relevant consultancy and management services by guiding its partners throughout all different stages of the research process, as well as it assists them to select the most appropriate methodology & techniques, by:
selecting and designing the sample to be interviewed;
developing the questionnaire, whose accuracy remains fundamental to the quality of answers;
choosing the most appropriate data collection technique (face-to-face, telephone interviewing, postal interviewing or internet-based interviewing) and administering the questionnaires in full compliance with rigorous accredited procedures.
In the final stage, it helps the clients analyzing the findings of the study and better understand their operational significance.

Qualitative Studies
Qualitative study techniques are mainly based on in-depth interviewing of groups and individuals in guided face-to-face meetings and they are often used in in public opinion & social research. Qualitative techniques can be used alone or as complementary to quantitative ones. The latter enables hypotheses testing before large samples of respondents are examined systematically.