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  • Outdoor Advertising Monthly Monitoring Reports
    a.Based on geographical-informational systems (GIS)
    b.Based on video monitoring device
  • OOH Potential Audience Measurement (evaluation) for individual sites
  • Estimation of Key Media Indicators (Reach/Frequency) of advertising campaigns
  • OOH Poster Showings Awareness Research


  • Key OOH Advertising Indicators Reported
    OOH Ad Volumes (ad spend, brands, advertisers, product categories)
    OOH Media Environment – classification of formats, locations, suppliers/sites owners
    Single Database for Media Planning possibility (unification of all sites IDs)
    OOH Media Clutter Analysis


  • Methodology
    1. Detailed electronic maps of cities (GIS) – Exact link of a site to geo point within a city – basis for monitoring
    2. Routes planning to cover city territory
    3. Key data gathering method – visual monthly inspections of all site locations
    4. Unique coding (IDs) system and site classification
    5. System of catalogs of brands, product categories, advertisers (database)
    6. Photo libraries of poster showings
    7. Information supplied to consumers required format – possibility for both statistical analysis and mapping capabilities