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Consumer Studies


Starting from conceptualizing & designing the questionnaires, selecting and implementing representative samples, conducting the interviewing fieldwork, as well as detailing and finalizing the statistical analysis of the findings resulting from the collected data, Abacus provides a full package of syndicated and custom research services.

Consumer Research
These kind of studies help in understanding the behavior, capacity and decision-taking process of consumers in the market, and thier findings could be of great use in drafting and implementing marketing & communication business retail plans. Typical studies of these kind are customer satisfaction and/or consumer survey.

Mystery Shopping
It is another form of market research that can be used as a measuring instrument in assessing one company’s customer care service. The goal is to provide information at management level for the company, in order to generally improve the quality of services, and especially, the quality of customer service. Hence, the conduct of periodic measurements about the quality of services can help the company in monitoring the progress of projects in usually improving their customer care service.

Usage & Attitude Studies
Usage & Attitude studies are comprehensive & multi-dimensional exercises that major companies organize at least once in two years. Divided usually into two stages, the qualitative one followed the quantitative, U&A studies can assist in drafting long-term marketing & business retail strategies, both for specific products & services, as well as for the quality and management of customer care services, or the hierarchical level of the company’s management.

Customer Satisfaction Studies
These are studies that are carried out periodically by companies, in order to objectively asses the level of services provided to the clients, which will consequently lead to their improvement.

Demographic Profiling & Customer Segmentation
Consumer segmentation according to different demographic categories is an important element that can immensely help a company in drafting successful targeting & positioning strategies for different products & services of the companies in the market.